You are finally in a position to build or renovate your dream home, a beautiful alfresco area with a pool and a bathroom in which you can soak away the day’s stresses in comfort. Protect your hard work and investment against unnecessary repairs down the track by ensuring you waterproof these areas.

Why? Because what you may not know, is that lack of waterproofing or poor waterproofing workmanship is one of the most common causes of building complaints and remedial repairs. And as waterproofing may sometimes appear to be a fairly minor part of the whole construction process, this is often overlooked, however preparation before tiling, especially in wet areas (indoor and outdoor) is key. This is where the importance of the preventative investment of high-quality waterproofing services comes in.

We have over 10 years’ experience in waterproofing, with the highest level of training and qualifications, and we ensure your tiling is always prepared to the highest of standards. In fact, we are very proud to say that we have never had a leak from our tiling work!

Waterproofing Services

With Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone, you can be assured that we always use the best commercial grade, fibre-reinforced waterproofing on every project, ensuring your wet areas remain leak free forevermore. 

Our waterproofing services include bathroom waterproofing, under-tile waterproofing, membrane waterproofing, outdoor waterproofing, pool waterproofing and more.

So, whether you’re ready to have your home renovated or retiled, bathroom renovated or your pool restored, you’ve come to the right place, as we provide the highest grade of waterproofing and preparation to all of our clients tiling projects.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Perhaps one of the most important spaces for waterproofing within your home is your bathroom and we’re not just talking about the shower. 

Before we can complete your home bathroom renovations, quality preparation is required to ensure there are no leaks in the future, minimising any problems in your new bathroom. How do we do this? By using our many years of waterproofing experience and the Australian Standard for waterproofing bathrooms. 

Depending on the renovations needed and the particulars of your project, waterproofing is done in different ways for the variety of different rooms in your home. From bathroom membranes for tiling, shower membranes and under-tile waterproofing, we ensure we apply the highest quality waterproofing methods for each space.

Unlike other waterproofing service providers, we install puddle flanges on shower drain pipes to assist with waterproofing, to ensure a perfectly watertight shower. 

Pool Waterproofing

With the right materials and quality workmanship, pool waterproofing not only increases pool safety, it also assists in maintaining the pool too, giving you and your family many years of swimming and relaxation. 

Whether you require pool tiling resurfacing, restoration or brand-new pool tiling, we use our waterproofing expertise to ensure the inside and surrounds of your pool are waterproofed carefully and correctly, ensuring your tiles do not lift over time.

We are a highly experienced team of tilers in Perth, priding ourselves on our waterproofing services to our tiling clients. Please contact our experienced team at Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone to discuss your wet area tiling and waterproofing needs.

Such a talented tiler!
Seb was friendly, polite and extremely tidy. His standard is very high and we appreciated his attention to detail. My partner and I are impressed with the end result.

Sebastian came to my house to fix a water tiling issue, he was able to carefully take out the tiles and put them back in perfectly and waterproof the
shower! What an amazing job he did. He is very meticulous, you will DEFFINITLY NOT get a half-assed job. He is very professional, works hard and does the job the right way. I would highly recommend him and have done.