Small Bathroom Design Tips

June 30, 2020

Over the past 10 years, our Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone team have created many small bathroom renovations in Perth. When working with small bathrooms, it can be challenging to make a small bathroom feel spacious, so we have created a list of small bathroom design tips and tricks to help you plan your dream bathroom!

Small Bathroom Layout with Tub and Shower

A difficult decision when working with small bathrooms is deciding between a bathtub or shower, but why not get the best of both worlds and install a bathtub/ shower combo? Save space and give the children a chance to splash about by using an oval bathtub and vanity, or consider installing a slipper bath. When low ceilings are a concern, you could tackle the problem with a sunken bath that acts as a unique bathroom feature. In terms of showers, a frameless glass shower panel saves space and allows light to brighten the room. 

Small Bathroom Lighting 

Maximising the light in your bathroom makes the room appear larger and add a sense of comfort. Incorporating mirrors, such as mirrored cabinets in your bathroom creates the perception of a larger room. A little trick is to add lighted mirrors and/or tape lighting to cabinets. Windows are a great source of natural light, and shutters or frosted glass can be installed to avoid nosy neighbours. Other sources of light can come from a skylight, or you could install a bright lighting fixture. 

Small Bathroom Colour Scheme 

The clever use of colours can make a small bathroom appear larger. Create a chique and spacious bathroom by using white and/or neutral colours, such as grey slate or marble. An all-white bathroom is elegant, or add black finishes to produce a classic and timeless finish. Add pops of colour with a monochromic colour scheme, with blue highlights providing a popular choice. If you decided on black bathroom design, ensure there is plenty of light to brighten up the room. 

Small Tiled Bathrooms

Avoid busy walls that will overwhelm the eye, instead consider adding a feature wall. A tiled feature wall can be created using textured, hexagon, or even patchwork tiles. Other common bathroom tiling choice includes subway, chevron, or herringbone patterns that create a modern and clean finish. Make the small bathroom appear bigger by using large tiles, and/or adding tiles that match your floor tiling to the side of the bathtub. 

Small Bathroom Accessories 

The final step is to accessorise the bathroom! Less is more with small bathrooms, so the key is to take a minimalistic approach. Include space-conscious storage solutions such as floating and/or recessed shelving. A common trend is to add a ladder with baskets for storage that can double as a towel rack. Incorporating metallic accents, particularly copper accents are another trendy finish. We also love the addition of greenery, so adding at least one plant to the bathroom, such as a Boston Fern is a wonderful way to freshen and purify the air. 

We hope our small bathroom design tips have provided you with some bathroom inspiration, and if you have any further bathroom design and/or tiling questions, our experienced Perth tiling company is here to help.