Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

July 15, 2020

We all desire a little luxury in our lives, and with the average person spending 182 hours in the bathroom per year, your bathroom should not be overlooked. We have been working as a Perth tiling service and bathroom renovations in Perth for over 10 years, and we’re often asked for luxury bathroom design ideas, so here are our tips to creating a luxurious bathroom, so that you can add a little luxury into your daily life.  

Luxury Shower and Bathtub 

The bathtub and/or shower often dominates the space, so use this as an opportunity to create a statement piece. Rain and cascade showers act as a stunning design feature, and a rainshower/bathtub combination adds a whimsical finish that fulfills childhood dreams. Let your bathtub take the spotlight by incorporating a statement bathtub, or even consider installing a jacuzzi/ spa bath.  

Creating a Luxury Bathroom

With your bathtub and/or showering taking centre stage, the colours and materials you use ‘paints’ the scene. Space is strongly associated with luxury, so be sure to value quality over quantity to create a clean finish. 

Bathroom Light 

To create a sense of space, ensure that the room is illuminated with light. Source natural light from windows and consider installing a skylight. For a stunning and striking luxury bathroom design feature, place a freestanding bath next to a large floor to ceiling window, especially if you have a view. Just imagine sitting in your bathtub, wine in hand, whilst you are serenaded with natural light. Adding a chandelier or geometric light fixture adds personality to the room, whilst lighting up the room. 

Bathroom Colour Schemes 

Light colours such as an all-white or grey-scale can brighten the bathroom, whilst creating a sense of space. All-white bathroom designs are timeless, however you could include coloured black or blue highlights, or metallic finishes (e.g. gold or copper). If you’re looking to step out of the box, you could add concrete elements, or consider creating a dramatic contrast (e.g. tiled feature wall). 

Bathroom Luxury Materials 

Express your chosen colour scheme using high-quality materials that spell luxury. The classic and traditional use of marble and onyx, with ceramic and porcelain, creates a simple yet stunning finish. Once again, if you’re looking to push boundaries, you could add a unique feature wall or floor using glass mosaic or stone tiles. 

Luxury Bathroom Finishes 

The luxury is in the details. If you have extra space in your bathroom, considering adding a double shower, vanity, or even a classic French sofa. Adding a large mirror not only assists with choosing outfits but also make the room appear larger and more spacious. Create personality by including art or a mural. Keep yourself warm in the winter by installing heated flooring, or even a heated towel rack. One of our favourite tips is to include dimming lights, so you can turn down the lights and turn on the romance, and incorporate sweet-smelling candles to set the mood! 

We hope this article provides you with some ideas for creating a luxury bathroom in your home, so you can add some comfort and glamour into your daily life. If you seeking more advice or are renovating the bathroom, contact our experienced team for an obligation free quote. We’ve been operating as a Perth tiling company for many years, and have the expertise and care to achieve your dream bathroom!