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Home Renovations

Tiling throughout your home will create continuity, build character, add warmth, create light, space and depth, as well as adding value to your home, enhancing other aspects of your home renovations. From unique and intricate tiling designs, such as mosaics, to a minimalist clean and classic finish, to a more rustic Tuscan style, Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone will work with you to create your desired tiling effect for your home renovation. 

We can assist you from the beginning of your home renovation project, by recommending the best tiles for your home, carefully considering the layout, style and functionality of your home design. We specialise in bathroom and laundry tiling, wall and floor tiling, kitchen tiling, staircases, plus outdoor, balcony and pool tiling. We also offer a tile removal and disposal service, removing your existing tiles or flooring for you, as well as professional waterproofing services. There are no limits to the results we can achieve for your home renovation project.

We always use the highest quality substrates, with superior adhesives, as preparation prior to installation is key to the longevity of your custom tile or stone finish.

Floor Tiles

When deciding on floor coverings for your home, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone will explore the possibilities with you and assist you to choose the most appropriate floor tiles for your home renovation project. We screed all our floors, ensuring a seamless, flat finish. This is especially important with gloss tiles as the result is like a mirror, ensuring a flawless finish.

From the size of your floor tiles, to the texture, size and type of floor tile and grouting, we will discuss your home design, the functionality of the spaces and of course your dream look, ensuring your result is of the highest quality and compliments your home renovation, working to your specifications.

When choosing your floor tiles there are a number of important factors to be taken into consideration, including ease of cleaning, absorption rates, durability and maintenance. Having tiling experts on your side, advising you throughout your home renovation project will assist you to make an informed choice, allowing you to add a lifetime of value to your home renovation.

 Extending your floor tiles from one space to the next, for example from interior flooring to outdoor spaces, creates a sense of expansive open space to your home. This creates continuity throughout your homes’ design. Extending your floor tiling to an outdoor space, such as a balcony or an alfresco area will also create an open feel and add to the sense of space and continuity, giving your home renovation a unique edge and providing a high-end luxury result to your home renovation project.


Well designed and executed staircases can add a wonderfully majestic and luxurious designer feel to your home, though in reality, staircase tiling can be incredibly intricate, requiring a high degree of attention to detail, expertise and care to provide a perfect finish.

Many unique and luxury home renovations incorporate the staircase into the home design as a major feature, whether as a grand entrance or as a centre focal point of the home. Through tiling with materials such as porcelain, marble and stone we can achieve grand results making this major feature an opulent stand out. 

Tiling your staircases both indoor and out requires expert skills and meticulous attention to detail. On top of the design elements, there are many other factors to be considered, particularly slippage, ease of cleaning and durability. 

Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone will ensure you take your home renovation to the next level by creating a continuous flow from your ground floor tiles, to your staircase and upper storey, providing a clean and continuous flow throughout your home.

Another consideration is the tiling of external staircases, which require slippage and durability considerations, as well as asthetics. We often work on home renovations uniquely designed for homes with external staircases that wrap around the side of the home from an upper level down to an outdoor pool or entertainment area. With the ever growing need to utilise space while maximising on a home’s location without compromising on luxury features, this is a popular design inclusion, especially in our warm Perth climate where we have a love of outdoor entertaining. Extending your floor tiling to an outdoor staircase and incorporating this with the tiling of a pool, balcony or entertainment area provides a unique wow factor! Expertise such as this provided by Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone is second to none and a must when completing your home renovation goals.

Photo courtesy of Retreat Design

Wall Tiles

The unique and well placed execution of wall tiles throughout your home is another way to make a statement to your home renovation while adding value and functionality. Kitchen splash backs, feature walls in tile, stone or glass mosaics are some of the most popular applications for wall tiles. These classic features are easy to clean, last a lifetime and are a stylish way to customise your home. The use of stone on flooring and walls particularly in living room spaces is a popular choice in many Australian home renovations, providing warmth and depth to your home. From a stone recess housing an electric or gas fireplace to the choices of floor to wall and ceiling tiling in your bathroom renovation, wall tiles can add a great deal of value and design aesthetics to your home renovation.

At Sebastian Otley Tiling & Stone, we have the expertise to cover all of your home renovation tiling requirements. Please contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with your home renovation tiling needs.  

Such a talented tiler!
Seb was friendly, polite and extremely tidy. His standard is very high and we appreciated his attention to detail. My partner and I are impressed with the end result.

Seb recently re-tiled our kitchen splashback with brickbond subway tiles. We were so happy with the work that we got him back to tile our alfresco floor! It’s made such a massive difference to the feel of our home, we can’t thank him enough! His quotes were bang on, he’s always on time, and he didn’t     leave any mess. Would definitely recommend him.